Open Mic Nights

Are you a local artist seeking opportunities to display your talents and build your confidence? Our open mic nights are perfect for you! At each of our open mic nights artists have the opportunity to come perform alongside other local talents and increase their skill sets while also relaxing in the safety of the space that is created here at Speak Lounge. Artists can utilize this event to build their stage presence, market their latest releases and network with other artists in the community.

Never performed before? No problem! Our open mic nights are perfect for anyone with any level of experience to come share their work and speak their truth. We have seen an array of acts on our stage consisting of spoken word, comedy, poetry, singing, rapping, dancing and so much more!

Themed Shows

Mental health impacts all of us and following COVID-19, mental health has become a major focus in the United States. Speak Lounge recognizes it's importance and is doing something about it. With our themed shows we challenge our artists and audience to explore the impacts of mental health and wellness and encourage the use of positive coping skills, such as art expression, to assist in managing our mental health. These shows are structured to communicate a message based on a predetermined theme and challenge artists to explore topics related to mental health wellness during their time on stage. These shows are created with the purpose to raise awareness, provide education and encourage conversations around topics that can often be difficult to discuss. Artists are encouraged to reflect on how each of the themes have impacted them on a personal level and share with others through their artwork. These shows will leave audience, and artists alike, reflecting on the topics of conversation throughout the night and allow for further self exploration.

Paint Nights

Come enjoy a night out feeding your creative self! We love creating alongside others and what a better way than while enjoying food, drinks and friends? At our paint nights you will have the opportunity to choose whatever style of canvas you'd like to freestyle paint a work of art that you can take with you. Painting is a great skill to improve relaxation and escape from the stressors of our everyday life.

So you think you can't paint? Well here at Speak Lounge we believe everyone has the ability to create! It is not about perfection but the process of creating and we have found that the activity that we are most resistant too will often prove to be most beneficial for us. We would love to encourage you along your journey as you explore the use of paint and challenge yourself to a new form of self expression.

Support in the Community

We are so grateful to be supported by so many locals here in Lorain and what we love to do is give back! We have teamed up with local nonprofits to provide both financial, as well as, physical support to the many nonprofits that are doing amazing things in our community. Whether it enjoying a day of volunteer work in the garden with Solidarity Urban Farms or raising funds to support local refugees fleeing from Ukraine, Speak Lounge is always looking for new ways to support the nonprofits here in our city!